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Market Background


1. China is energetically promoting the prefabricated constructions


The Chinese government clearly points out in the documents including the New Urbanization Planning during the "13th Five-Year Plan" Period, Green Building Action Plan, Guiding Opinions on Energetically Developing the Prefabricated Constructions etc. that we should vigorously promote the prefabricated constructions and strive to raise the percentage of prefabricated constructions to 30% in the newly-built constructions in the coming 10 years or so.




2. The market space of China's industrialized construction is huge


The level of construction industrialization in developed countries reaches as high as over 70%, while in China it only reaches 3%-5%, which is a great gap in this regard. Currently, the Chinese government is vigorously promoting the prefabricated constructions and green buildings to build a beautiful China. Under this background, the upstream and downstream of the construction industry will form new industry chain. This means a great new market space of China's construction industrialization.



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