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Advantages of Exhibition


1. Collaboration of the international and national authorities

The Exhibition is jointly sponsored by more than 20 Chinese and foreign authorities including government departments, industry associations and leading enterprises.


2. Interactive display of full industry chain

The Exhibition is committed to enhance the interaction of full industry chain including design, structure, finished products, parts, supporting systems, manufacturing, construction and other links.


3. Combination of forum and exhibition

During the Exhibition, such activities as the Prefabricated construction Summit, Cold Forming Steel Summit, Real Estate Developer Salon, etc. will be held to interpret the policies and facilitate the industry interaction. 


4.Influence the whole country basing on the  huge market

The application of prefabricated constructions have become a "national strategy" in China. Being the pioneer of developing green buildings, Guangzhou is one of China's biggest construction provinces which can greatly influence the surrounding areas and national market.


5. Precise and effective marketing promotion

Visitors & buyers from southern and even the whole country’s construction industry will be informed and invited through a precise and 3600 promotion network combined with the big database, professional medias and media sites.



6. International buyers invitation 

The Exhibition will invite and organize the foreign buyer-groups from Europe,America,Asia and Africa etc. so as to provide the opportunities for exhibitors to directly access the domestic and foreign markets as well.




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