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  2018 2nd China Prefabricated Construction Summit

    • 1)  2018 Guangdong Prefabricated Construction Design and 
    • 2)  Technology Application Forum
    • 3)China characteristic Towns Innovation Construction and Operation Summit
    • 4)The 2nd China Green Building Material Awards Named & Award Ceremony
    • 5)2018 China Green Building Material Awards Brands Joint Expo
    • 6)Canton Steel Winning Works Joint Expo
    • 7)China Prefabricated Construction Achievements Expo
    • 8)Construction Industry & Industry Parks Investment Meeting

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Advantages of Exhibition More

  1. Collaboration of the international and national authorities

The Exhibition is jointly sponsored by more than 20 Chinese and foreign authorities under the great support of government departments, industry associations and famous enterprises at home and abroad

  2. Interactive display of full industry chain

The Exhibition positions to the interaction of full industry chain by focusing on design, structure, finished products, parts, supporting systems, manufacturing, construction and other links.

  3. Combination of forum and exhibition

  4. Radiate across the whole country based on the huge market

  5. Precise and efficient publicity and promotion 

  6. International buyer recruitment

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